July 18 - Added Don Young - new State Referee

Sept 5 - Added Kevin Molczyk  - new State Referee

July 12 - Added Steve Burroughs new State Referee

Jan 15 - Updated Steve Davenports e-mail and phone number

Nov 29 - Congratulations to Chelsi Dotson for passing the AAU State Referee Test

Oct 27 - Updated Kelli Lambert's name (congrats Kelli)

Nebraska AAU Administration and Referee's

State Chair: Howard Huffman  402-464-6823

Referee Chair: Don McElravy  402-430-7262


AAU Referee's

Name Rank Phone
Don McElravy International 402-430-7262
Tim Anderson National 402-687-4182
Kenny Dotson National 402-883-2538
Zina Dotson National 402-883-2538
Howard Huffman National 402-464-6823
Keith Manducla National 402-444-5596
Monte Lofing National 402-223-2269
Bill Sindelar National 402-986-1784
Kelli Lambert State (402) 592-3769
Steve Davenport State 402-310-5610
Jim Putz State (402) 826-3713
Steve Burroughs State 402-379-5434
Kristen Thernes State (402) 683-2199
Michael Bauer State 402-325-0647
Chelsi Dotson State 402-883-2538
Kevin Molczyk State (402) 933-6331
Don Young State (402) 430-9109

People in AAU

The AAU organization in Nebraska is made up of many volunteers who organize and make the meets run for the lifters.  The people who train and compete benefit from the work done behind the scenes.  Nebraska AAU Powerlifting is successful because of the following reasons:

1) Lifters have a fun venue to display their success

2) Meet directors promote meets in advance so lifters can prepare

3) Qualified Referees provide consistent judging

4) Spotters and loaders keep the meet safe and timely

5) Table help and announcers make the meet run smooth

Meets always require lots of help.  If you are interested in becoming an AAU Referee - click on this link for information.

If you are interested in running a meet, click here for information about running a meet.  Prospective meet directors must contact the state chair 60 days prior to the meet date for sanction approval.