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Nebraska AAU Record Information

Congratulation to Recordholders

The Nebraska AAU Records are kept for three age groups:

1) Teenage 10- 19 years old

2) Open 20 - 40 years old

3) Masters 40+ years old

Note: if a teenage or master lifter competes in the OPEN catagory - they can set OPEN records.

The AAU encourages RAW (Belt Only) lifting and Nebraska AAU is maintaining Raw and Equipped records.

Thanks to Katey Dodge for helping get the records updated.

If you see any mistakes or have any corrections, please contact Howard Huffman

American Records

The American records can be found here: http://application.aausports.org/spl/Records_info.asp

Each competitor or coach should check the American records prior to a meet and know what the records in their weight class, catagory, and age group are.  The meet directors will not have copies of the American records at the meet.

Anyone can sign up for access to the records.  When you sign up they will send you an e-mail with your password so you can login and view the records - so sign up now not the day before the meet!  Thanks.