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Upcoming AAU Events

Date                       Meet                                                         Location                    Director

April 13, 2019         Orchard Powerlifting Meet                     Orchard NE                     Jeff Shabram 
                                   Entry Form   


July 20, 2019          Cornhusker State Games                      Lincoln NE                      Howard Huffman                                            Info                                                        _____________________________________________________________________________________

Entering a Meet

If you have not lifted in an AAU meet before, here is what you need to do:
1) Select a local meet to compete in.  Note - everyone has their first meet - do it early and get the first meet worries over with!
2) Begin training the three lifts (Squat, Bench, and Deadlift)
3) Download a copy of the rule book (here) to review the requirements for each lift.
4) Train smart and hard for the meet.
5) Become an AAU member.  The memberships price is $32/year for adults and $12/year for teenagers.  The membership lasts from Sept 1 until Aug 31 of the following year.  Two and three year memberships are available.  You can get your membership online here  Note:  The AAU Club Name is Nebraska Powerlifting and the AAU Club Code is :WW3E33 
6) Find someone with experience to train with.  The People tab has the list of referees - they are a good place to start.  You can e-mail me here letting me know where you live and I will give you the names of people close to you.
7) Fill out the entry form and send it in (you are on your way!).
8) Go to the meet and have fun!