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2017 CSG Recap

Thanks to all the lifters, spotters, loaders, referees and spectators for attending the 2017 Cornhusker State Games AAU Powerlifting meet.  This meet was the largest CSG meet with 124 lifters entered!

 I want to thank the following people who helped with this meet:

Set-up:  John Price and Katey Dodge, Denny Strain, Ed and Cecilia Reinhart, and Don McElravy helped move equipment to LCS, tape down the carpet and cables, do early weigh-ins, check the lights and computer operations so the meet could run smoothly on Saturday.

Referees:  Mike Kerby, Don Young, Danny Thurman, Rita Carlsson, Ed Reinhart,  Jeff Bockoven, Alex Cristobal, Denny Strain, Celeste Heinz, Steve Evarattes and Don McElravy who was the Chief Referee.

Spotters and Loaders: I want to give a big thanks to the people from Omaha Barbell and Jim Grandick's Big Iron Gym from Omaha.  John Price and Jim Grandick were the platform managers and did a great job. The red platform help were: John, Jared Weers, Brett Carter, Lee Dryer, and Derek Springman.  The blue platform help included: Jim, Mike Taylor, Matt Davidson, Luke Luxford, Jacob Harvey, and Steve Huffman.

Table Help: Announcer - Jeff Hart, Cecilia Reinhardt,  Sam Kelly, Mandy Shabram, Patti Garber, Sandra Cloward and Wendy Huffman handled the scoring and results entry. 

National Anthem sung by: Geoff Ramsey

I want to thank these people for giving up their day to allow the 124 contestants to compete.  The meet ran smoothly due to the skill of these people.  I appreciate all who helped clean-up and get us out in at a reasonable time. 

Lifter List

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